Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dyslexia: Links to Support Videos and Information

Here is a collection of additional dyslexia resources for parents AND the teachers who wish to genuinely help their struggling learners with dyslexia.

If just one teacher takes a look at what is offered here, it could translate into at least one step forward for one child.

Let’s hope that more teachers and their schools become both interested and motivated to do something to support these children.

Genius Within - Innovative online training for adults that will transform your dyslexia and bring out your inner genius. FREE informative videos & an online Dyslexia Profile Test are included here.
Dyslexia: Types of Dyslexia - Video by expert Dr. Diane Sawyer who provides basic information about dyslexia, including the 4 different types of the condition

Teaching Children with Dyslexia - What Accommodations Should My Child Have at School? A GOOD list of classroom accommodations specifically for dyslexia

‘I AM DYSLEXIC’: A Short Documentary - Video with various individuals (of different ages) who have dyslexia.

Decoding dyslexia (short animation clips) - Several segments from a 3-D animation of a TVNZ documentary entitled “Decoding Dyslexia

Spelling Technique for Dyslexic - Video (parent) presentation of special technique based on the phonics of “i-g-h” to help those with dyslexia to spell with success

For more information: Tools for struggling readers of all ages!


  1. Hi there, thanks for this. i had not seen the "types of dyslexia" youtube video before...

  2. Thanks for your feedbacl Patrick! Happy to share! Ken