Monday, July 30, 2012

Dyslexia and the Arts: My Suggested Interview Questions

Hi, I am seeking more insight into what your life is like, and has been like, as a Dyslexic person. I know that you have an untold story that wants to be broadcast and would like to help you with that.

I am particularly interested in hearing from Dyslexic people who are in the Creative and Performing arts, in whatever capacity.

My understanding is that the Creative and Performing Arts contain a higher proportion of Dyslexic people because of their ability to visualise and innovate in a non-literal form.

The other possibility is that the Creative and Performing Arts acts as a sanctuary and natural safe harbour for like-minded people, where literacy is less relevant.

I have short list of Questions that may help you tell your story and describe how you feel about You, Dyslexia and the Arts.

Thank you for your input. Add your comments below or send me an email at



When did you discover you had Dyslexia?

How did this change your outlook on life?

Exclusion and Inclusion

How does Dyslexia affect making friends and maintaining relationships?

What support did you get from family, friends, teachers, boy or girlfriends when they know you have Dyslexia?


What do you believe are the advantages of having Dyslexia?

How spontaneous are you compared to other people?


How difficult is it to move from familiar circumstances to a new one? Example: School, House, Job, relationship, etc.

What other support or help did you want or need at the time?

Career Openings

How has Dyslexia affected your career decisions in life?

What made you go into the performing arts?

How suitable is it for Dyslexic people to take up the arts?

What do you get from the arts that you can’t get elsewhere?

Self Image

How well are you understood, as a Dyslexic person?

Looking Back

What would you say to a younger self, about friends, school, family, jobs, etc.?

What was the best piece of advice about Dyslexia you were given?


How has the world become more aware and helpful to Dyslexic people?

What is left to be done?

What other stories are left untold that you are keen to tell?

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