Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mikolay & Julia: Mikolay Has a Secret - book for children

Mikolay has a Secret is a wonderful children's story. I loved a lesson was taught within the story, without feeling like a lesson was being taught. That certainly takes talent.

I love the friendship between Julia and Mikolay. They are there to support each other no matter what problen arises. They are good problem solves, but are quick to realize when they need their parents' help.
Another great job by a very talented    writer. (Regina Puckett)

What a wonderful way to introduce parents and children to the complex disorder of dyslexia. As someone who suffers from dyscalculia, I have felt the baggage of shame, ridicule and fear.  

She lets the reader know the feelings associated with struggling to read are normal and a child should not be afraid to tell someone of their difficulty. 

It is wonderfully written with sensitivity and insight. Her Mikolay and Julia series will delight and engage readers of all ages. I encourage you to pick up a copy. The special child in your life will thank you. Sandra Westendorf

Mikolay and Julia are two seven-year-old wizards.

Being seven means that they both have to do a lot of reading and writing for both magical & ordinary school.

As always, Julia is the top student at both schools.

However, Mikolay has a problem, which he is very ashamed of and doesn’t want to talk to anyone about. It is his “secret”.

After a lot of pleading, Julia discovers that all the letters look similar to one another for Mikolay, which makes reading & writing very difficult for him.

Julia tries everything in her power to help Mikolay solve the problem. However it turns out to be a lot more difficult than either of them thought.

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