Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reyn Guyer Dyslexic Inventor of 'Twister' - "How I Made My Millions" - YouTube

Because "all of our family have dyslexia", Reyn started an educational company Winsor Learning based on the approach that his children's dyslexia tutor used to help with reading.

"We found some of the problems were that school systems were huge, running $500 million businesses, and a lot of it done by teachers who hadn't been trained. So we focused in on that, too, helping them be more efficient and productive.

It began by helping us be more productive in our program and then it grew into, well, you know efficiencies you are not using are X, Y and Z.

So it's morphed into being broader than just teacher training and student remediation. I'm very pleased we've been able to, as a family really, to do that and make a go of it."

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