Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Therapeutic Games and Music for Auditory Hypersensitive and ADHD Children

Therapeutic games and music for auditory hypersensitive, autistic, downs syndrome, pdd and add children.

Lecture delivered to the World Organization Meeting of the
Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. May 1994, by
William P. Mueller Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Transient Electronic Auditory Stimulation

The Institutes have known for forty years that certain brain-injuries cause hyperactive auditory sensitivity.

In the past twenty years others have also begun to study this problem. I first beame aware of that condition when I met David, an eight year old brain-injured child at The Institutes who had this problem.

He screamed at the slightest noise. In fact, he screamed eight hours a day. His parents whispered all day to keep from setting him off.

When they arrived at The Institutes he was given the auditory stimulation program as part of his overall program. His parents were instructed to bang pots and pans randomly around the house!

David's mother told me she laughed all the way home after that initial visit. However, they did The Institute's auditory stimulation program and within two weeks David was no longer hypersensitive to sound.

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