Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Does Captura Talk Software Help with Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties?

Is Captura Talk software a revolutionary way to Access Text as claimed by it's proud developers.

Does it have the power to help people who struggle to read text, by enabling them to have text read to them on their iPhones or other Windows Mobile Phone?

I am asking for your help and feedback to try this product and to let me know the benefits and the draw backs. Will you help?

Their website says that it is ideal for people who require literacy support for disabilities such as dyslexia, or for those learning English as a second language.

Capture Text
Also, users can capture text from books, signs, leaflets etc using the camera on the phone and CapturaTalk will recognise the text, using optical character recognition (ocr), and read it back using high-quality text-to-speech voices.

Alternatively Captura Talk can be used to read documents on the phone itself, such as e-mails, Pocket Word, Internet Explorer and, now for version 3, Adobe PDF files.

Dictionary included
Captura Talk highlights words as it reads them, which they claim, has been shown to help reinforce word recognition. Users can also use the software as a dictionary and spell-checker, by selecting a word and having Captura Talk read the explanation from the stored Oxford English dictionary.

Captura's website claims the 'People don't just need assistive technology when they are sat at a computer. CapturaTalk gives users the ability to access text instantly, wherever they are and with complete discretion, as it can be used with headphones.'

Demo Available
Captura offer a Demo and a 30 day free trial and I suggest you use those to determine whether this software is beneficial for you or your family. Having tested it I would be very keen to hear back from you about your feelings on this product.

It comes in 3 languages; English, Swedish and Danish. You can got to the Captura website by clicking here and you can download the free trial here.

The download is 30MB and may cost you phone charges depending on your connection package.

Just to be clear, this blog and myself do not endorse or guarantee this product in any way, and have no affiliations with it.

We are simply interested to know how effective it is in helping reading difficulties and dyslexia. For that we need your help. Please provide comments. Thank you!

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