Thursday, March 11, 2010

Documentary: Inside the hidden world of Dyslexia and ADHD (ADD)

Click on the picture to run the video. This will take you to the Headstrong website where you can play the complete PBS video.

If you wish to watch it in smaller episodes it is available in YouTube format here

This is a very informative, half hour, documentary film from Headstrong about the US Initiative for Learning Identities.

Make some time for yourself, sit down with a refreshing drink and watch it from end to end, you will be encouraged by it.

Although it is US based, it covers the real life experiences of real people, living their lives with Dyslexia and ADHD (ADD)

The US website referred to in the video is

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  1. I my self was also told I was dyslexic when I was in the first or second grade .Nothing was ever done tohelp me while going to school .I never seen an A+ or even a B during school .When I got older I attempted to get my GED at C.C.C in Oregon .Their they allowed me to listen to the testing on audio tape and received extra time to complete the test.The same test I got less then a passing grade the time before, when done this way with accommodation, I received an A+ .It was amazing the very first A+ and it wasn't til I went back to school as an adult that I was able to set aside my pride and shame that I was able to do so. This video opened my eyes to so many more options that I was unaware even existed. So thank you for your continued effort in fighting for our rights to equal opportunities as the rest of the population.

    Dorothy Smith