Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Objective Software Review: Using a digital recorder with Dragon Naturally Speaking

Reviews: Using a digital recorder with Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

The not insignificant cost of purchasing the necessary software and hardware had delayed my “experiment” and although I had read and felt assured that speech recognition technology had improved vastly over the past few years since my earlier attempts, it did not always suit all users. I am also aware that my expressive writing style seems to “flow” from my typing rather than my speech.

I was assured that my computer was able to cope with the specifications demanded by Dragon Naturally Speaking and this was the first item to be installed, configured and used.

It was relatively easy to do, but I would recommend building into your financial plan a separate allowance for training. That way you can set up the software to your specific needs, learn to use the commands quickly and other useful tips and practices.

The alternative is to undertake a lenghty period of trial and error, without training. I do not recommend repeating the initial hit and miss practices of my early attempts.

Purchasing a good quality headphone set, is also strongly recommended.

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