Friday, January 22, 2010

T is for Teaching Autism Disorders

An integrated systems practice is essential in the process of teaching individuals with autism disorders.

One issue arising from practices that are not integrated, is the notion that children go from one classroom to another without appropriate communication or systemic response. They can go from classroom to classroom or even specialist to specialist with receiving a standard level of response.

One of the biggest difficulties is Physical Education and Music class, for the child with autism, is the potential for over stimulation or sensory overload. This can apply to other special classes and stimulating activities that the child enjoys. The autistic child will have difficulties in managing their emotions and will require assistance.

Even the thought or expectation of such an event can bring out unwanted feelings of dread and anxiety. A child with a sensory disorder, such as the child with autism, will experience this level of difficulty on a daily basis. Teaching children with autism disorders requires systemic and repetative practice.

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