Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Preparation for Nursery School

We all want our children to be relaxed and prepared to face their first day at nursery school, possibly their first 'formal' gathering with rules and boundaries.

So it's only fair that it does not come as a big shock to them and they don't feel discarded and abandoned. It is essential to put in a bit of work at this point to set the scene for the future and prepare them by introducing them to this new concept.

New Concept?
The acceptable concept of extending the parental care by involving other trustworthy adults; i.e. their new teacher. Hopefully, they will be partly aware of this through grandparents, aunts and uncle.

Show and Tell

You can cover the subject of nursery school by taking them on short but pleasant visits to their local school and let them stand and watch the children playing and having fun. Give them the feeling that it is a normal and enjoyable part of growing up. One that they will be able to take an active part in.


At home, establish set times for story-telling. Try to instil a routine of how and when things are done. This will make it easier for your child accept this loose discipline from another grown-up, i.e. their new teacher.

Listening skills

While you are sitting down with yor child and telling them stories, you will be able to detect whether they are paying you real attention when being told an interesting story or whether they have an interest in the spoken word at all.

Give them Time

Clearly this could be a one-off occurence, so you will need to monitor this over a period of time to rule out any 'off-days.' Let the child choose what story they want to hear and see if that affects their level of attention.

Writing Skills

In addition to reading and listening to stories, it would be good to see how interested your child is in writing or copying letters and words. The best word to start with is your child's name and hopefully, one that they will enjoy writing.

Don't Panic
If things are not perfect then be thankful that you have some prior insight and knowledge of a 'possible' issue. Don't be too quick to think the worst. Seek help in the face of doubt.

Check with your family doctor, nursery and if you are still in doubt, consult a qualified consultant. Your well-being and peace of mind is directly connected to your child's and you should both be facing an exciting future, happy in the feeling that you are making the best decisions and getting the best results, every step of the way.

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