Friday, February 1, 2013

TV Personality Anthea Turner and Dyslexia

TV personality Anthea Turner, 52, has described how she suffered with dyslexia, which meant she mixed up her left and right during the Dancing on Ice routines, recently broadcast on UK TV.

She said: ‘I think my biggest problem has been, and we’ve spoken about it, I am dyslexic and dyslexics never know their right from their left.

‘And I’ve had terrible trouble and the coaches are going bonkers at me going, “Do you know your right from your left?”.’

As a result she faced criticism from the judges for not spending enough time with her feet on the ice, as she found it easier to learn the lifts.

But while the training may have been a struggle, the former Blue Peter presenter was more than happy with its results.

She said it had given her a ‘skater’s bum’, adding: ‘I need to hold onto that. I haven’t had a bum as good as this ever.’

She said it had not gone unnoticed by her husband, Grant Bovey, 50. They have survived a rocky patch in their marriage, something Miss Turner credits her involvement in Dancing on Ice with.

Miss Turner said: ‘Things are back on track, our field has been given a re-turf. It takes two people, relationships go through difficult times and I don’t know anyone who has a clean run.

‘We lost each other for a while and things went a bit off track but a very good friend of mine, from a very strong Indian family, said, “if there are 20 chains that hold you together and you’ve a problem with one of them, don’t destroy everything, just don’t destroy everything”.’

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