Thursday, February 28, 2013

Embracing Dyslexia: Kickstarter Video

What is dyslexia? According to the International Dyslexia Association, it is an inherited condition that makes it extremely hard to learn to read, write, and spell.

It can even affect speech. It is not a sign of low IQ or laziness or the result of impaired hearing or vision.

Embracing Dyslexia, a documentary film currently in production, takes a hard look at dyslexia and the role educators and parents need to take to make sure that children with dyslexia are identified early, given appropriate intervention, and not allowed to fall through the cracks which is so often the case with our current educational system.

The film features parents who speak about the anxiety and frustration they had when they didn't know why their children were having such great difficulties learning to read, write, and spell.

They also speak of the positive impact getting a diagnosis of dyslexia had on their lives and of the struggles they still face when dealing with their child's school.

Dyslexic children and adults courageously open up and speak honestly about their struggles in the classroom and beyond.

Experts and advocates speak to why it is essential that educators screen these struggling learners for dyslexia as early as possible and how support at home, accommodations in the classroom, and the right types of intervention can take a child from feeling stupid, dumb, or broken to believing in themselves and knowing they can be successful.

With this Kickstarter campaign, I am asking for the funds necessary to finish the film and release it by the end of August 2013.

There is one very important piece of information about the film’s release to keep in mind — Embracing Dyslexia will be available for viewing free of charge on the film’s website and on YouTube from the moment it is released in August.

I feel this film will have a powerful impactful and I want everyone to have a chance to see it.

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