Tuesday, March 1, 2011

iPad apps selection: Montessori-based learning for kids

Help your kids to learn on their own with this selection of fun and educational Montessori-based learning apps.

Montessori Crosswords - Teach and Learn Spelling with Fun Puzzles for Children
Montessori Crosswords uses word-image-audio combinations to teach young children (from ages 3 to 8) how to spell.

The app uses phonics and fun interactive visual effects to encourage and develop kids' reading, writing and spelling skills.

Three different levels of difficulty make it easy to tailor the app to your child's abilities.
Price: $2.99

Tam & Tao in Numberland HD - Learn numbers with Montessori
This beautifully-designed app takes children on a number-learning adventure through ten animated "Numberland" worlds.

The app is based on Montessori principles and uses creative and fun elements to keep children interested in learning the numbers from one to ten.

While exploring through the worlds, children will learn to write, count and say the numbers. Once your child masters the numbers in English, switch the language to French for an extra challenge.
Price: $4.99

Alpha Writer, by Montessorium

Alpha Writer uses elements of the Montessori Moveable Alphabet to teach children how to read, write and spell phonetically.

The app is divided into two sections: the Moveable Alphabet, in which your child learns to spell with phonics, and a storyboard, where your child constructs his or her own stories using a combination of images and words.
Price: $4.99

Approach to Montessori - Numbers HD
While the user interface might not be as slick as some of the other Montessori apps in the App Store, this app provides a low-cost option for parents eager to see if the Montessori approach is right for their child.

The app offers six different Montessori games including number tracing, number rods, bead stairs and number blocks. After playing with this app your child should be able to recognize, comprehend and write numbers from zero to ten and have a basic grasp of math foundations.

There is also a "power setting" that enables you to adapt the settings to suit your child's learning level.
Price: $2.99

A Montessori Approach to Math - Hundred Board
A Montessori Approach to Math - Hundred Board helps children learn to count from 1 to 100. The Hundred Board is an exact replica of that used in Montessori classrooms and provides additional lessons on counting with even or odd numbers only.

Children search for the correct number from the jumbled tiles to the right of the board, placing them in the correct ascending order in the shortest amount of time possible.
Price: $2.99

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