Saturday, March 5, 2011

Body Language: Kids With Emotional IQ Deficits

Most of the time our kids aren’t listening to our words nearly as much as we would like them to.

This is not news for most of us but our kids are more likely to be attentive to our posture, gestures and facial expressions and hearing the tone of our voice. This is particularly the case in younger children.

Albert Mehrabian
, author of
Silent Messages, conducted a series of studies and now claims that the percentage of communication actually sent through spoken words is only seven per cent. Meaning we need to be more aware of body language and non-verbal communications.

Over fifty-five per cent of communications with our children and with other adults, is communicated through our body language and thirty-eight percent is through the tone of our voice.

Unfortunately, this can put a number of kids (and adults) at a disadvantage because they lack the ability to read critical nonverbal cues so essential for getting along in life.

Michele Borba's blog post offers help on overcoming these deficits. Check it out!

Kids With Emotional IQ Deficits | Dr. Michele Borba's Reality Check

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