Thursday, March 31, 2011

Agile EYE: Israeli answer to dyslexia

Starting with the basic premise that the ability to learn better enhances one's quality of life, Jerusalem-based CogniBeat is launching AgileEye, a new Internet-based software tool to boost reading skills for children and adults with dyslexia and other learning disabilities affecting their reading, writing and spelling skills.

"Humans haven't been reading as long as we've been speaking or hearing, so the brain doesn't have a ‘reading center.' Each task involved in reading is distributed to different parts of the brain," explains CEO Larry Shertz.

For people with dyslexia, it is much harder for the brain to organise all the tasks involved. This is especially true with a complex language such as English, where letters often have varying sounds. 

English-speakers suffer a higher rate of dyslexia - as many as 10 percent to 15% - than do speakers of less complex languages.

Check out the full article here or at CogniBeat - AgileEye

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