Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Basic IT tools to help with Dyslexia

Here are some basic software tool that could help you overcome some of the difficulties and stress of dyslexia.

The Intel Reader is a device that takes pictures of text, processes it and then reads it back, all without any downloads.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a software program that lets you talk into the headset and it types out for you.
Solo is a assistive technology software suite that is intended to deal with every type of paper organisation format.

CapturaTalk which is similar to the Intel Reader tool, whereby you take a pic of text and it is read out to you.

Ginger software is an online correction tool that will correct spelling and grammatical errors in your text typing.

This list is by no means complete, neither is it exhaustive. It is simply a suggestion to get you started. We also do not recommend or endorse these products in any way but simply supply the information for you to review and decide upon.

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