Monday, June 21, 2010

Empowering Learning - Pass Literacy on campaign

Empowering Learning - Pass Literacy on campaign

Many of our children are becoming really confused by the written english language, whilst becoming quite fluent in expressing themselves verbally. It is not helped by the fact that the sounds and spelling in english do not always match. And how would you know whether to write "to", "too" or "two", without knowing what the words look like?

Every parent and teacher would like to see their children flourish and many are actually seeing their youngsters becoming more and more confused. In our multinational society with innumerable accents no wonder some children really struggle being completely reliant on how words sound. They need visual memory too. Languages such as Spanish have perfect phonetics, and there is no need for spelling lessons as "what you hear is exactly what you write".

At the same time our children are very visual, probably more able to manipulate their visual pictures than their parents. To pass literacy on all we need to do is to teach children to visualise words at a young age, the skills that everyone who is good at reading and spelling in English already uses. This will stop all the confusion, misery and exhaustion that children go through, growing up feeling they are stupid.

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