Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Children With Dyslexia and Problems With Self-Esteem

Children with dyslexia are faced with many obstacles to overcome. Issues with self-esteem are one of most emotional challenging confrontations that they must face. Since dyslexia is a language processing disorder that often affects written as well as spoken language having difficulties in these areas can play havoc on one's self view.

It is well known that children with dyslexia have a much harder time learning to read than those their own age without the disorder. Seeing their peers learn at a much faster rate can cause dyslexic children to feel like they are falling behind. Many times they feel "stupid" compared to others which in truth is not the case since a child that has dyslexia also has an average to above average IQ.

If dyslexia is causing communication skills to be lacking this can be another blow to the dyslexic child's self-esteem. When children are not able to read well or confuse words when read aloud can cause the child embarrassment. This can lead to ridicule from their classmates which adds to the child's poor self-image.

Some children with dyslexia have problems with spoken language as well. They may not use words correctly or sometimes have a hard time getting their points across. This may cause the dyslexic child tend to shy away from conversations with others as not appear like they don't fit in. This "peer pressure" to be like others is an enormous burden on a child with dyslexia.

It is a difficult task for a dyslexic child to keep their self-worth intact. A strong support network is imperative for children with dyslexia. Talk to your child about their feelings. Be patient with them as they express themselves. Praise them often for their accomplishments. Point out to them their areas of strengths such as artistic abilities. Keep the focus on what they "can" do and let them know that you are there to help them with their difficulties.


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  2. Thanks Maria, I would be delighted to join the discussion.