Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ADHD /ADD /Dyslexia - Carl Jung

Listen to the voices of the past if they have meaning for you. Here is a quote from Carl Jung;
"The evolutionary stratification of the psyche is more clearly discernible in the dream than in the conscious mind. 
In the dream the psyche speaks in images, and gives expression to instincts that derive from the primitive levels of nature. 
Therefore, through the assimilation of unconscious contents, the momentary life of consciousness can once more be brought into harmony with the law of nature…and the person can be led back to the natural law of his own being." JUNG – CW 16 para 351

According to Jung, the person with ADD /ADHD  /dyslexia speaks the same language as, or a more direct version of, the human psyche.

He is speaking of pure thoughts and dreams that are uninterpreted and diluted by the limited use of language to describe them.

In this way they are more powerfully conceived and nurtured in the artist's brain and can be better expressed in the visual, musical and performing arts, where image, colour, sound and movement are the direct result.

We have come a long way since the closed, mystery-filled world of Carl Jung. We have changed and developed our world, making the acquisition of knowledge and the expression of ideas simpler, more acceptable and accessible for many more people.

The written language is a way to express ourselves, to relate the past, tell stories and to communicate. In the past it was our only way but now, in our multi-media, surround-around, upload-download, smartphone world, it has become much less important.

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