Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dyslexia: Taking a Different Path

Dealing with Dyslexia is not about taking the easy option, it's about finding the right path that suits the learner. 

Teaching Dyslexic children means helping them find their most appropriate learning style and guiding them down a different path from the others. 

Pupils that scan their words from right to left can be taught to read, spell and be interdependently creative, just like Leonardo da Vinci.

Having the gift of Dyslexia means seeing the world another way from others. It's not a curse. 

None of us really knows how others perceive their world until we talk to them and ask them to explain and describe what and how they feel.

Acceptance is the beginning of understanding, which should lead to teaching and mentoring. Persistence and determination also help.

It's not the easy, well trodden path that leads to discovery, it's often the most difficult route that leads to breakthrough and discovery. 

Are you ready to accept the challenge, as a dyslexic learner or as a teacher of dyslexic children? I believe you are.

You've come this far, start the rest of your journey of discovery today. Which path you take is for you to decide.

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