Monday, July 25, 2011

School Related Linguistic Abilities in Siblings of Children with Autism

A recent study proposes that Siblings of probands with autism spectrum disorders are at higher risk for developing the broad autism phenotype (BAP).

They compared the linguistic abilities (i.e., pragmatic language, school achievements, and underling reading processes) of 35 school-age siblings of children with autism (SIBS-A) to those of 42 siblings of children with typical development.

Results indicated lower pragmatic abilities in a subgroup of SIBS-A identified with BAP related difficulties (SIBS-A-BAP) whereas school achievements and reading processes were intact.

Furthermore, among SIBS-A-BAP, significant negative correlations emerged between the severity scores on the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule and full and verbal IQ scores.

These results are discussed in the context of the developmental trajectories of SIBS-A and in relation to the BAP.

Read the full paper and it's findings here:

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