Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dyslexic Parents of Dyslexic Children

Many parents with dyslexia have children with dyslexia. What impact does dyslexia have on the parent-child relationship? Several parents who were dyslexic volunteered to be interviewed at a conference support group at the International Dyslexia Association. All but Rachel De Bellis, Executive Board Member, Parent Empowerment Network, Washington State, wanted to have their names changed.

Blessings of dyslexia

"I am so thankful to be a dyslexic," explained Rachel, "for the understanding it brings in knowing the challenges. Having experienced it first hand gives you the perspective and added knowledge of HOW to utilize the self-taught methods of overcoming many of the characteristics."

Rachel is the parent of 20 year old boy-girl twins and a sixteen year old daughter. The two girls have dyslexia. "Both of my girls know to appreciate the way their brains give them an edge over their common-brained friends and brother. They like the way their brains work, in spite of the difficulties that they face.

They consider their brother as being "lazy" because he hasn't had to work hard."

Like many parents, Rachel found out about her own dyslexia when her daughter was identified in the second grade. As she learned about dyslexia, she realized that she was also dyslexic but had not been diagnosed.

"I couldn't spell even though I studied my spelling words with my best friend who was a straight A student. She would pass the spelling test, but I wouldn't, even though we studied the same. I had to stay in from recess many times to practice my multiplication tables, which I still don't fully know. I still have to guess some of them."

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