Monday, July 25, 2011

Centra and IDL Software for Dyslexia support

CENTRA IDL (which stands for Indirect Dyslexia Learning) is a simple, enjoyable and highly successful method of alleviating the symptoms associated with dyslexia.

Both adult and child students:
  • learn how to use the talking computers, and then work their way through a series of gently graded touch-typing lessons that involve reading and spelling
  • strengthen relevant connections within their brain, helping them to overcome their reading and ordering difficulties
  • work with the computer - but there is also a tutor to support and encourage them
  • learn from and control the computer, making them feel in control of the situation and therefore able to progress at a comfortable rate
Read more about Centra IDL here: Dyslexia support

You will also find a link to their Facebook page here: Centra IDL

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