Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dyslexia: Tutoring Ideas for Children

Children with dyslexia often experience a lot of frustration in school. They don't always learn well with traditional teaching methods and may fall behind. Tutoring can help children catch up and receive the individualized attention that they need. If you're a tutor of a child with dyslexia, you can find ideas from some of the many websites devoted to dyslexia teaching strategies.

Dyslexia-Teacher has tips for creating multi-sensory instruction for students with dyslexia. It also discusses how to teach phonemic awareness, which is an important pre-literacy skill. If you need more ideas, you can post questions on the site's discussion board and get tips from other educators.

The University of Sheffield has compiled a list of suggested teaching strategies for children with dyslexia. Some of the suggestions include presenting information in multiple ways and providing reading materials in a clear font, like Arial. As a tutor, you can engage your student in discussions and provide hands-on activities to help him or her understand the material.

You can get up to date tutoring ideas and news from the Dyslexia Tutor News blog, which has frequent posts about issues and achievements in dyslexia education.

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