Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dean Kamen - Dyslexic Inventors | Dyslexic Advantage

Dyslexic Inventors: Dean Kamen | Dyslexic Advantage

Many men and women with dyslexia become inventors because of their creative drive, "out-of-the box" thinking and talent in spatial / kinesthetic problem solving. There are long lists of famous dyslexic inventors, including historical figures like Michael Faraday (electromagnetism) and Henry Ford (Ford automobiles), but also contemporary like James Russell (inventor of the compact disc), William Hewlett (HP- personal computer), or Nicholas Negroponte, co-founder of the MIT Media Lab (created Guitar Hero, Lego Mindstorms, many more).

Dean Kamen is the dyslexic inventor of the 'Luke Arm' (named after Luke Skywalker), a prosthetic arm that is so sensitive it can pick up a raisin, the Segway human transport, novel solar power and water purification systems for Third World countries, and many more things that help people or make the world a better place. Kamen also created the FIRST Lego League to encourage students to pursue careers in science and engineering. (continued - Click Read More below)

At an early age, Dean's parents recalled that he liked coming up with new ways of doing things - like at age 5 inventing a way to make his bed without having to cross to the other side. His grades in school were not very good, partially because "he disliked being told what to do by teachers, and challenged them over their teaching of the principles of maths and physics." Kamen adds, "'I decided taking a test is a fool's errand. Because the ones you know the answer to, don't waste your time writing down. And the ones you don't know the answer to, why shine a bright light on how stupid you are?'"


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