Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Families and Dyslexia - Annabel Heseltine

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Dyslexia is genetic and present from birth; if someone in a family is dyslexic there is a 40-60 per cent chance that their children will also have dyslexia. Dyslexia is very individualistic with a number of different indicators, strengths and difficulties. It can therefore be extra stressful for parents with children who have differing support needs with in the one family.

Annabel Heseltine, daughter of Michael, recent article in The Telegraph explains the multi layers of dyslexia in a family context. The article talks of the differing educational needs of her children and how her father and brother have over come their own difficulties with dyslexia and capitalised on their strengths to be successful.

It is a useful insight into a family that Annabel says is “riddled with dyslexia” and hopefully it will be helpful to parents who are in similar circumstances.

Three of Annabel Heseltine’s children shared a problem with their famous grandfather: dyslexia. How best to deal with it? By Annabel Heseltine.

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