Monday, July 5, 2010

Dyslexia Assistive Technology Delivers Writing Independence To Children

Dyslexia Assistive Technology Delivers Writing Independence To Children And Adul by Ghotit Ltd

Israel Ghotit, a leading provider of text correction technology has released its new and improved spelling and grammar checker. Ghotit targets people who can't spell close enough for traditional spell checkers to provide value.

Millions of people around the world do not find regular spell and grammar checkers effective. These people include people with dyslexia (about 17% of the world population),English Language Learners ELL, English as Second Language ESL and millions of other people that the reasons for their problems were never diagnosed.

Ghotit leverages its Intelligent Context Correction (ICC) patent-pending technology to correct heavily misspelled words and misused words - words that are spelled correctly but are out- of-context of the sentence being written.

Ghotit has recently leveraged its ICC technology to correct grammar errors uncorrectable by regular spell checkers. In addition, Ghotit has completely re-designed its Microsoft add-in to simplify the correction process and integrate value added services such as Text-to-Speech, Dictionary, and Search services.

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