Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dyslexia - Get Ready to Read!

Get Ready to Read! is a 10 minute, 20 question, screening tool to help identify if your 4 year old children need help with the foundational language skills required to become good readers.

Children who are vulnerable can receive small group preventative instruction in letter recognition, letter-sound correspondences, rhyming, and segmenting and blending sounds.

Even brief daily interventions by volunteers with minimal training appear to result in substantial growth in language skills.

Speech and language therapists can be very adept at helping to remediate language delays in one to one or small group sessions.

The tool is designed to screen a child twice during the year before kindergarten. Use the tool first in the Fall or Autumn, one year before the child enters kindergarten, and again the next year or Fall, just before kindergarten begins, to measure the child's progress.

Don't use the tool more than three times in a year. It's not designed to measure small changes, and children develop new skills gradually.

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