Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dyslexia article - SQUMJ

A very good article on dyslexia by Drs. Shidhani and Arora.

They describe the different types of dyslexia, the various aetiological causes and also its management.

Perhaps the next major question to be discussed is its social impact. How does dyslexia impact the child, the parents and society in general?

What does dyslexia do to the sufferer? Dyslexia typically is clinically manifested when the child first goes to school and has to cope with learning how to read.

The child then discovers his/her disability, but unfortunately, the degree of the trauma varies according to initial interpretation and hence the translation of the trauma into symptoms may also vary significantly.

In addition, as described in Dr. Shidhani’s article, the precise nature and the degree of disability will vary from individual to individual.

Read the full article here SQUMJ

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