Monday, May 28, 2012

Dyslexia: Two UK Boys Write to celebrities Praising Charity

Dyslexic and sight-impaired children have sung the praises of a UK, Aylesbury-based help group, to some of the world’s biggest stars.

Two dyslexic brothers, Joshua and Matthew MacMillan, aged six and nine, have written to 100 celebrities praising Aylesbury-based Calibre Audio charity for helping them discover the power of literature in a bid to gain their Blue Peter badges.

Celebs the boys wrote to included David Cameron, ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly, The Duchess of Cambridge, Bill Gates, Daniel Radcliffe and children’s laureate Julia Donaldson and the youngsters have been lucky enough to receive responses from all of the above.

Director at the charity, Michael Lewington, said it was fantastic to know Audio Calibre, which sends out around 1,800 audio books a day, has been able to help the boys so significantly.

“All of this is really great news,” said Mr Lewington. Click here to view their Letter!

“The fact that the two boys decided to write all those letters is wonderful – and it’s so heart-warming that celebrities such as Lorraine Kelly could find the time to respond with handwritten letters.

“They even received a response from Downing Street and the royals, who must get thousands and thousands of letters.

“All of this has of course really done well to raise the profile of the charity, and as the boys are from Scotland, it’s raised our profile there, too. It’s all about letting people know we’re out there.

“The aim of the charity is to provide audio books to anyone who is ‘print disabled’, which means that as a result of dyslexia or physical disabilities, they are unable to read books.

“We have around 18,500 members, and more than half of our children are dyslexic.

“As a director here, I actually feel like I can personally give back to the community.

“Audio books can be of so much benefit to kids – it’s been proven that it actually improves their academic progress, as well as their general wellbeing. And with older people, who perhaps cannot hold a book because of sever rheumatoid arthritis, it allows them to start reading again.”


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