Monday, May 28, 2012

Brain Potential Institute: Brain-Training Treatment for Learning Disabilities

Several years after launching its online one-on-one brain-training program that treats people with learning disabilties and concentration problems, Brain Potential Institute claims it has affirmative evidence that the program is equally as successful when completed online as at its onsite center.

The Institute believes that Results of the online treatment program indicate a significant increase in IQ, attention, focusing, and memory for those with ADD, ADHD, central auditory processing issues, autism and memory loss.

Jane Davis, P.T., M.S.H.P founded Brain Potential Institute in 2002 as Kid Potential Inc. The company expanded its services to provide brain training to teens, adults and seniors, which required rebranding itself as Brain Potential Institute.

Brain Potential Institute is dedicated to optimizing through cognitive training, the human brain to reach its highest intellectual potential for optimum performance at school and work, and to preserve brain function at all ages. Brain Potential Institute accepts students ages 3 through 90. Screenings are free

Brain Potential Institute claims to be one of the few companies able to increase a persons IQ by significant numbers. Its program is aimed to help with concentration issues, math and reading problems, development disorders and a litany of other cognitive and learning disabilities.

The foundation on which Brain Potential Institute has based its program is neurogenesis the brains ability to create new neuro-pathways.

Jane Davis, P.T., M.S.H.P, CEO and founder, Brain Potential Institute states that many students have gained three grade levels in reading and experienced up to a 30-point IQ increase.

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