Saturday, April 21, 2012

Talking about transition at Our Special Families Village

The Village is a growing community where families find information and mutual support. Sharon is the gifted and passionate creator of the Village. In this one-minute welcome video, she explains what you’ll find there.

The Village offers a growing collection of interviews on a wide range of topics.

Our audio interview is over an hour long. And we don’t tippy-toe around difficult issues.
It’s a candid dialogue about practical responses to tough questions:
  • how can parents negotiate their changing role during adolescence?
  • how can we support teens to make informed choices and speak for themselves?
  • what happens when there’s conflict on the IEP team?
  • how can teens find out about career options?
  • where do we start in the maze of adult agencies?
  • how can teens learn what to do when they face roadblocks?

If you’re feeling some anxiety about these topics, you’re not alone.

You can listen to our conversation here.


During the interview we talk about these resources:
A Maze of Agencies – Where to Start?
Problem Solving Graphic Organizer
My Next Move   
Reading Free Career Interest Tools  
Transition portfolios and planning tools  

Talking about transition at Our Special Families Village

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