Sunday, April 22, 2012

Children with Dyspraxia have problem with coordination and movement, so it is important when they have a problem like tying shoe laces or even playing sport is to keep practicing until they get it right.

Clearly, this seem simple but it is also important not to stress the child, these children will get easily stressed and its important to make it a game and not to show any failure, so its important to approach any activities is little stress as possible and there is no failure but fun.

You might say this is easier said than done. If a child has difficult learning to tye shoe laces, you simply get them to learn little put often and give them a reward to learning so there is reason for their success.
Simple techniques:-
  • Little but often
  • Make it fun
  • Goal for achieve at the end of each session of trying
  • Goal for achievement when they reach the end goal
  • Make it fun (don't make it stressful, if the child starts to get stressed stop and do something completely different)
For more information go to the Dyspraxia Advice website

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