Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Penfriend: Predictive text and screen reader features for dyslexic, visually impaired

Word prediction
Word prediction is very valuable for those with dyslexia where recognising a correctly spelt word offered by the predictor is easier than thinking how to spell it in the first place.

Better spelling, grammar, thesaurus, dictionaries

Better spelling and grammar helps many but particularly those with dyslexia. Knowing that Penfriend provides correctly spelt words gives greater confidence.

The access provided by Penfriend XL to Microsoft Word's spell checking, thesaurus, dictionaries and translation is of great help to any with dyslexia.

Speech Feedback and Screen Reading
Another benefit of Penfriend for those with dyslexia is it's speech feedback and in Penfriend XL its screen reading features.

Being able to hear each letter, word or sentence vocalized as you type is of very obvious value to those with dyslexia, but Penfriend also allows you to highlight a block of text or an entire document and have it read back to you. This not only allows dyslexic people to understand the contents of a document they may not be able to read, but also helps them to associate the sound of a word with how it looks on the page.

On-screen keyboard
Penfriend's on-screen keyboard reduces the strain of glancing between screen and keyboard, a valuable tool for the dyslexic using a computer.

Check out the Penfriend Newsletter (PDF)

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