Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dyslexia Awareness, Life Strategies and Online Courses

Announcing an online distance course teaching Dyslexia Awareness. 

Dyslexia Awareness have partnered with Life Strategies Ltd. to offer a course based on training materials from their in-person workshops. 

Life Strategies offers customized seminars, workshops, courses, and keynotes. Topics include psychometric assessment, work-life balance/sustainability, team strengthening, workplace diversity, career management, and employee development.

The course offers insight into Dyslexia: what it is, what causes it, and how it affects learners and employees who are Dyslexic.

Participants will also learn how to screen for Dyslexia and related issues and plan accommodations for the workplace and adult learning environments.

This online course is targeted at:
  • service providers,
  • employment counseling services,
  • human resource managers,
  • managers & business owners,
  • literacy tutors,
  • Dyslexic employees,
  • and anyone who wants to understand a Dyslexic adult or employee’s needs in the workplace.
Life Strategies is also offering the course with a special introductory offer with a  25% discount.

The link to the course can be found at: www.lifestrategies.com

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