Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dancing Giraffe: Internet-based Disability Community

Warning…in January 2012, a Giraffe will be dancing in Essex, England, UK!

What is Dancing Giraffe? - An innovative internet community site: providing 'joined up' communication to people with disabilities and their carers.

Nothing like Dancing Giraffe currently exists. This website aims to not only support and inform, but to challenge, inspire and empower disabled people.

It will include engaging editorial and comprehensive content, up-to-date reference and signposting together with user forums and social media.

How do they know so much about what disabled people want and need? Within the Dancing Giraffe, a number of the team are disabled, so they are providing a site that they've always wanted to have and use themselves!

Mission Statement

The aim of Dancing Giraffe is to provide a platform to inspire, inform and represent the disabled community.

Through this internet portal, Dancing Giraffe will offer support and advice for people with disabilities, their carer/s, professionals, organisations and the media.

It will bring together comprehensive information and data about services and facilities available and will present them in one easy to access place. Dancing Giraffe will also provide a forum for all disabled people to discuss and compare access issues and solutions.

Dancing Giraffe is a Community Interest Company. This means they operate under a charitable status and are a 'not-for-profit' group.

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