Monday, April 4, 2011

New Brain Structure Explains Willful Blindness

The article in today's NYT by Nancy Koehn titled “Why Red Flags Can Go  Unnoticed” was chiefly concerned with the effects of willful blindness  in humans. It did not answer the primary question: WHY do people ignore  clear warnings of impending problems.

Bruce Nappi, in his new novel   LIARS! provides a profound explanation: two human species  coexist on earth today, and one of them is not able to broadly  understand or apply logical reasoning, and no, it's not males and  females!

The new discovery came when he first determined what creates  consciousness in the human brain. Step one was recognising a new  physiological brain model that revises Sigmund Freud's Id, ego and  super-ego brain structure.

The second was sorting out what makes humans  different from animals.  In fact, contrary to common belief, that  difference does not occur at the homo sapiens level but further back  down the evolutionary tree.  Differences in awareness for humans and  animals are described and labeled A2 and A1 respectively, but, the  characteristics listed for humans (A2) raised a big problem: they didn’t  describe all known human abilities.

He categorised the additional  abilities with a new label A3.  The implication was both amazing and  unsettling! Both A3 and A2 had human traits, but they were as distinct  as A2 (humans) and A1 (animals). The solution required that each be  considered a different species - amazing for sure.

However, if the  discovery was true, it would have huge ramifications for human social  structures. He tested the theory against more and more of the great  social questions.  The new A3 model produced so many logical answers  that he is convinced he has stumbled onto a profound discovery.

New Brain Structure Explains Willful Blindness In Humans And Why Red Flags Go Unnoticed

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