Thursday, December 9, 2010

Suggested Blog Reading: Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs

I was recently contacted by DDuck and they suggested I check out the Typ-O TTS Word Prediction Text App. I have done so and find it very encouraging but I will need feedback from my readers before I could say that I have comprehensively reviewed it.

Will you help? Send me your feedback on this app and tell me what you like and don't like.

In the meantime here is an extract from DDuck's blog, and vey interesting it is too:

I am trying out a new iPad App called Typ-o HD It is a word prediction App for those with dyslexia As a dyslexic I have found spelling on the iDevices to be the most frustrating thing I can think of. The automatic word replacement nearly always does not use the word I meant. It is crazy making to have a text you worked hard on read like a Mad Lib. Additionally I often times touch a misspelled word only to have the pop up show that there is no word that is close enough to what I spelled for it to make suggestions.

The best spelling correction program I have ever used is that which is built into the web browser Firefox. It works for me because it underlines misspelled words and then gives me a list of possible words when I right click on the underlined word; infrequently I have spelled something so incorrectly that this method doesn't work for me, but then I can usually get pretty close to what I meant with a few attempts at sounding out the word (phonetic encoding).

I have used word prediction programs in the past, usually Write:Outloud by Don Johnston, but I often times do not find word prediction to be that useful. Luckily I can usually pick the word I want from a list of potential words. So I am capable of using word prediction. Typeo is nice because you can click the "play" icon next to any word and hear it said to be able to find out if it is the word you meant Thus far typeo seems to be working OK for me except it is hard to get used to looking at the word prediction for words I might misspell.

Check out the full article at Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs

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