Monday, February 15, 2010

Mindroom - Learning without boundaries

Mindroom - Learning without boundaries

About Mindroom
Mindroom is a Scottish charity dedicated to creating and raising awareness of learning difficulties. We are also passionate about providing direct help and support for children and adults with learning difficulties and their families.

Mindroom’s 2020 Vision
Mindroom's goal is to create such awareness, that by the year 2020 all children and adults in this country with learning difficulties will receive the recognition and help they need.

We will work towards our 2020 vision by:

•Offering direct help and support
•Arranging high profile conferences
•Setting up multi-disciplinary diagnostic centres - Mindrooms
•Setting up specialist schools

Mindroom was founded in 2001 by Sophie Dow, a journalist and mother of two. Her daughter Annie has severe learning difficulties and is the inspiration behind Mindroom.

Sophie Dow is originally from Sweden and her husband is Scottish. They raised their daughter in Scotland and despite the good intentions of the local health care providers, there was still a lot to be done to truly support the children and families.

Mindroom was set up to address some of the shortfalls and to act as a knowledgeable reference and trusted adviser service for teachers, parents and families, faced with the stress and bureaucratic maze that accompanies the many disorders that fall into the category of 'learning difficulties.'

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