Monday, November 9, 2009

Dyslexia Untied - Severe, Mild or Dyslexic symptoms

Severe Dyslexia, Mild Dyslexia or Dyslexic symptoms
One thing to remember about Dyslexia is whatever type or form the dyslexia takes, not everyone experiences it to the same degree. It can vary in levels of severity and mildness.

Having mild dyslexic symptoms is not always an advantage because it generally results in a reduced level of sufficient support and assistance, which will be a barrier to otherwise smart and good people. and will reduce the possibilities and achievments in life.

Testing Times
Psychological testing can establish the level of dyslexia a person is experiencing but the follow-up support and assistance can vary from place to place, country to country. Be prepared to fight your corner to get the best assistance.

Also, be sure you know what levels of support to expect given the level of dyslexia being experienced. In these days of economic crisis and restricted budgets, you cannot depend on the education authorities or medical organisations to either know what services to provide or to properly implement it. You can expect them to be reluctant to spend money and to be hesitant in financing additional support but stay determined and know your rights.

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