Monday, November 9, 2009

Dyslexia Untied - Dysnomia Dyslexia

Dysnomia Dyslexia
(Also known as Semantic dyslexia, Anomia or Naming-speed Deficits). When Psychologists describe people with any of the following terms, this means they have trouble finding their words. Dysnomia can affect speech skills, writing abilities, or both.

They can't always remember the correct word, even though they knew it before. They will use the term 'thingy' or something else less appropriate.

Psychologists test people for Dysnomia by using Randomised Automic Naming (RAN). This involves giving them a rapid automatic naming (RAN) test. Pictures of common everyday objects are rapidly flashed into their view and they are expected to name them as quickly as they can. Their level of Dysnomia is measured by their ability to recall words or not.

Dysnomia can also develop because of brain trauma. Dysnomia caused by strokes or head injuries will frequently reduce or disappear with time or through treatment.

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