Monday, February 17, 2014

Dyslexia, Reading difficulties and vision

Although Dyslexia is recognised as a cognitive disorder it is prudent to have children's eyes tested to rule out vision problems.

Children do not know if they are perceiving the world differently from others. In fact few of us do, even into middle age.

To help a child who may be have difficulty reading, it is good practice to rule out any physical or eye issues.

Many optometrists believe that all reading difficulties and Dyslexia is caused by vision problems.

This is certainly not the case, and many parents are paying out for expensive bogus treatments and special glasses, which are ineffective.

Have your child's eyesight thoroughly checked to rule out any physical defect and, if their reading difficulties remain, then look at ways to help them overcome  their difficulties around Dyslexia.

I hope you will be able to find some help from the articles in this blog.

You will certainly be able to find good information on the latest scientific research and discoveries around Dyslexia and other cognitive disorders.

Unfortunately, you will not find any 'quick fixes' or any 'cures' for Dyslexia. The first step is acceptance and then you need to support your child in developing a strategy to learn and to live with Dyslexia.

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