Friday, June 22, 2012

Ben Passmore displays his painting on Dyslexia

A STUDENT has told his personal experiences of Dyslexia through an exhibit.

Ben Passmore, 27, who is doing a part-time Foundation Diploma course at City College Brighton and Hove, has exhibited his painting at the college’s Visual Arts End of Year Show.

Ben, from St Leonards, said: “I came up with this idea of ‘visual dyslexia’ through the problems I have with written words.

“When I’m reading, I see words jump and sometimes overlap so it is very confusing and frustrating for me. With this exhibit, I’ve tried to do the same with visual information and create a visual image that is frustrating to the viewer. Being at City College has really helped me to explore these sorts of ideas and push my work further.”

The exhibition features final projects from more than 300 students who complete their courses this year.

City College’s Visual Arts End of Year Show is to the public during the college’s Open Day Summer Extravaganza tomorrow (Saturday), from 11am to 3pm at its Pelham Street Central Campus in Brighton. Admission is free.

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