Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dyslexia and Boggle: Using Word Games to Help Spelling Practice

We all learn better and concentrate more if we're doing something that's FUN, rather than a chore. Many adults and the parents of childrenwith Dyslexia enjoy using word games to make spelling more fun.

Simple Games such as Hangman and Boggle are now available online, or Downloadable format for the PC, MAC and iPAD, from the internet

The rules of Boggle are indeed simple.
Each player searches for words that can be constructed from the letters of sequentially adjacent cubes, where "adjacent" cubes are those horizontally, vertically or diagonally neighbouring.

Words must be at least three letters long, may include singular and plural (or other derived forms) separately, but may not use the same letter cube more than once per word.

Each player records all the words he or she finds by writing on a private sheet of paper. After three minutes have elapsed, all players must immediately stop writing and the game enters the scoring phase.

You will find a number of versions from different suppliers/ developers at the CNET Download site here

NB: Remember to only download games or other internet content from reputable sites and be very careful to scan apps for viruses and malware.

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