Friday, June 3, 2011

Top Braille - Valleys WordWorks English

Top Braille photo. It shows the device just about the size of an office stapler
Portable device enabling access to all printed text
Read it With Braille and speech output …
Top-Braille is a revolutionary personal reading assistant ideally designed to provide vision-impaired people with instant access to all printed text. Its small size makes it convenient for all situations
Dramatic enhancement and greater freedom in daily life: Top-Braille provides increased access to the work environment, information and culture.

Top-Braille provides numerous openings to a world which has been almost inaccessible until now.

The integrated speech feature makes it a perfect pedagogical tool for learning Braille.
Discrete, lightweight and ergonomic, this device will rapidly become essential in the daily lives of vision-impaired people.

Top Braille diagram. It shows the device being held in a hand and arrows pointing to the different buttons and functions.Key Functions:
  • Recognition of all printed text with Braille and speech output;
  • Recognition of all printed text with Braille output only;
  • Colour recognition;
  • Reading of preloaded (USB) text with Braille and speech output;

An essential tool for accessing information and culture

While moving along a text line, Top Braille captures images, recognizes
printed text and sends information translated in Braille to the user.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting a link to our website. I once had the opportunity to teach Braille to children with learning difficulties, as part of the Association Québécoise de la Dysléxie and we found some surprising results--successes where fully-sighted children were reading Braille with their fingers with fewer struggles than reading print with their eyes.
    Kind regards,
    Rebecca Blaevoet