Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eye Gaze Study Day – Assistive Technology report

This full and informative day was held at Stirling Management Centre on 9th November. Eyegaze technology has been growing in usage and availability in the last few years. It enables users with very little movement to have meaningful access to communication and computer technology.

Dr. Mick Donegan who has been involved in research in this area for over six years summed up how far the technology had moved forward and gave several examples of users who had benefitted. Other practitioners including Janet Scott from SCTCI in Glasgow gave key advice on how, why and when to consider eye gaze technology for individuals.

There will be a chance to find out more about this exciting area and to try some eye gaze systems at a BRITE seminar entitled Computer Access for Students with Profound and Complex Needs which takes place in March 2011. To book onto the seminar click here or ring 0131 535 4756.

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