Thursday, November 25, 2010

Screen Magnification: Dolphin Release New version of SuperNova

The screen magnification market looks set for a significant shake up following the recent release of an updated screen access solution from one of the World's original accessibility experts - Dolphin Computer Access.

As with previous releases, SuperNova version 12 boasts screen magnification, screen reading suitable for users with no useful sight, as well as Braille display support - all fully synchronised. Notably however, for low vision computer users,

SuperNova now also delivers four new magnifier innovations that should re-ignite the whole magnifier debate.

Immediately available in UK English, US English, Australian English, Welsh, Dutch, French, Belgian French, Belgian Dutch, Spanish, Swedish and Slovak.

SuperNova version 12 now includes support for multiple monitors, a brand new text smoothing technology called "True Fonts", large scalable mouse pointers and an interestingly named and unique feature called "Mouse Buffer"!

These new Dolphin innovations have been developed by Mike Hill, Dolphin's Development Director, who also brought the first combined magnification and screen reading software to the access technology market in 1998, in the form of SuperNova version 1. Reported by some as having 'rediscovered his magical touch'

NB: We do not endorse any product or service from this, or any other provider. We simply include it in this blog for information and encourage you to investigate it fully before committing any monies.
Read more at the Dolphin website

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