Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reading is the Gateway to Learning

Reading is the Gateway to Learning

A poor reader will have difficulties reading to learn. He or she does not have the foundation skills to be fluent with words. There can be a problem with a lack of vocabulary and comprehension abilities that are required as he moves onto more complex learning. Often times he can have problems with processing oral language also. A lack of working memory may compound the issues. Overall he or she processes the information too slowly to be an effective reader and learner.

Thus he may display poor concentration in class, have trouble provessing what is being said to him and miss out on vital areas of learning. He may easily tire when reading. He can struggle to make himself understood. Any one of these things can prevent him succeeding academically.

The causes of language and reading problems are varied. It can include a lack of phonemic awareness and phonics, poor fluency, weak vocabulary and comprehension. Additionally there may be weaknesses in cognitive skills, memory, attention and concentration, processing and sequencing. Reading is a complex skill and even one glitch can prevent a person from being an effective reader.

The implications for the student are that he can underachieve compared to his true potential. Weak reading skills become a block to learning. Class is a strain and homework a long and difficult struggle. He can fall behind his classmates, get embarrassed by his difficulties and retreat into himself. A lack of self-confidence may set in and sometimes even personal despair.

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